08 Jul 2008

What are web standards and why should you use them? That’s what Opera’s new Web Standards Curriculum hopes to answer. If you’re interested in learning more, visit: http://www.opera.com/wsc/ They’ve got 23 articles available already and an additional 30 planned.

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50 Designers x 6 Questions

05 Sep 2007

50 Designers × 6 Questions. A great compilation from the folks at Smashing Magazine.

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The Web Design Survey 2007

24 Apr 2007

Designers, developers, project managers. Writers and editors. Information architects and usability specialists. People who make websites have been at it for more than a dozen years, yet almost nothing is known, statistically, about our profession. Who are we? Where do we live? What are our titles, our skills, our educational backgrounds? Where and with whom…

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Upgrading to CS3

16 Apr 2007

Currently I’m using Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium. On a limited basis, I’ve been testing out the Photoshop CS3 Beta and figured I should give CS3 a test drive before upgrading the rest of the guys in my department. I was given the go-ahead to upgrade to CS3 if I wanted to a couple of…

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A Second Look at Outlook 2007

20 Feb 2007

I wrote an “Open Letter to Microsoft” over a month ago. It was a short diatribe on Microsoft’s decision to use Word’s rendering engine for Outlook 2007 instead of Internet Explorer. Well, I had assumed that it would be quite some time before I had to worry about testing designs in Outlook 2007, but that…

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Sneak Peek

07 Feb 2007

Here’s a little preview of the upcoming design for cdharrison.com: I’ve been putting a lot of thought into the UI design, trying to make the site easier to use. I don’t have a timeframe for roll-out, but you’ll start to see bits and pieces of the new design starting to appear soon. My site has…

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26 Jan 2007

I’ve been messing with the site a bit, so if things look screwed up, forgive me. Seeing as this isn’t that far of a departure from what I already had on this site, I’m considering this Version 13.1.0. I’m trying to clean up my templates, add some additional functionality that I’ve been missing, and add…

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