Hi, I’m Chris Harrison.

I'm a dad. I make websites. I take pictures of skies, toys, and other stuff. I collect LEGO. I love Star Wars.

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Inspired by Wordle, the game Worldle gives you a map of a country/territory and six chances to guess what it is. If you get it wrong, it will tell you how close you are and give you the direction and distance from the right answer.
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The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

I love how ambitious The Rings of Power feels. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.
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Is this thing on?

It’s been ages since I’ve touched this site other than to update the stuff powering it, and the web & WordPress have changed immensely since I started working on the Tersus child theme I reactivated. As WordPress went ahead with Gutenberg and its new block system, I started building sites with Beaver Builder and I didn’t look…
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CSS3 Patterns Gallery

CSS3 Patterns Gallery — This small collection of CSS3 patterns is pretty neat. The code is simple enough to grok!
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Today my daughter and I tackled Chansey. She initially wanted to work on Blissey, but I’m trying to convince her to focus on the first generation of Pokémon for now. Timelapse footage was captured using Hyperlapse for iOS and then put together using Quik by GoPro.
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Our first Pokemon today was Gengar. For this painting, Emily drew the Pokémon and I painted it. It was a nice change of pace. As soon as we finished this painting, Emily wanted to do another. (Two in one day was enough, though.) Timelapse footage was captured using Hyperlapse for iOS and then put together using…
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