Create More. Consume Less. I’m taking a break from Twitter, Facebook, App.net, Foursquare, Instagram, Google+, etc. for a while. The shear number of social networks I belong to is, in and of itself, a problem. I love the discussions I have on them. I love what I learn from them. I love seeing what my […]

Super Happy Block Party: Greater Augusta

On June 1 – as part of the National Day of Civic Hacking – Super Happy Block Party will be held at TheClubhou.se. Augusta’s goal is to bring hackers and artists together to help build a greater Augusta. They’re planning to have several curated challenges, but participants will be encouraged to create their own projects […]

Victoria Stilwell is a bully.

When celebrities use their influence to incite their fans to attack and harass random internet strangers, they have a responsibility to apologize if/when they’re wrong. Victoria Stilwell posted a link on her Facebook wall (102,000+ Likes) to a video my friend posted of his son with his well-trained English Mastiff. She encouraged her followers to […]


Last month, something happened in Augusta that I’ve wished for ever since I started working downtown: a coworking space opened up. TheClubhou.se, located at 816 Broad Street, is one part workspace, one part meeting space, one part workshop. While it’s currently geared towards Augusta’s technology crowd, it’s really designed for anyone interested in working and […]

Comic Book Movies

I created this playlist on Rdio that features soundtracks and scores from movies based on comic books. (By the way: collaboration is enabled. Help make it better!) You don’t seem to like iframes. That’s cool. How’s 1996 working out for you? Comic Book Movies