The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

13 Feb 2022

I love how ambitious The Rings of Power feels. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

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HAPPY: A Small Film with a Big Smile

07 Jul 2016

Please join HAPPY: A Small Film with a Big Smile for its July 16th WORLD PREMIERE at the historic Imperial Theater. Buy tickets online!

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Reading Rainbow for the Next Generation

30 May 2014

I was extremely excited to learn that there was a Kickstarter project to bring back Reading Rainbow. Watching it absolutely crush it’s funding goals has been quite the experience. I grew up watching the show. I want my kids to be able to experience the joy of learning and reading it gave to me as…

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Secret City

15 May 2014

I loved this show as a kid, but few people I know remember it.

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17 Feb 2014

Two is a great new Mac app designed specifically for responsive web design testing. Built by my friend Chris Davis, it removes the frustration out of testing design on multiple breakpoints. Why do I love this app? It’s easy to use, and the two viewports update immediately to reflect URL changes in one of the frames. Not having…

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Push Yourself

03 Jan 2014

You can be better than you think you can be. You can do more than you think you can do. Stop overthinking. Start doing. Push yourself. Reach the next level. And when you get there? Realize that you’ve only just begun.

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Part 1: Thoughts from a first-time conference organizer

22 Oct 2013

This is the first part of many. I started writing this back in May, right after Web Afternoon Augusta. I’ve been to a number of conferences as an attendee, volunteer/staff and once as a co-organizer of sorts… but this was the first time I really tried to pull a conference together as a lead organizer.…

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CodeKit – The Kit Language

31 Jul 2013

CodeKit – The Kit Language — I’ve been using CodeKit to compile Sass/LESS and optimize various assets for a while… but I had no idea CodeKit had it’s own language for handling imports and variables with basic HTML files… TIL.

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Pocketing Faves

27 Jul 2013

I finally started working my way through the backlogs of links I had saved to read within Pocket. I found myself repeatedly hopping over to Delicious to bookmark my favorites. Then, I remembered IFTTT supported both sites. So I created the Pocketing Faves recipe. Every time you mark a link as a Favorite within Pocket,…

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Hello again, Tersus.

26 Jul 2013

I’ve started working on the Super Ginormous child theme for Tersus once more. As part of my social media fast, I’m taking 30 minutes a day to work on a personal project. I’ve converted the theme’s stylesheet to be Sass-based. Next up will be to refine the general look of it…

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