A gift from Zappos

I heart Zappos.comWhile browsing through Larry’s photos, I stumbled across one that had a Zappos shotglass in it. I asked Larry where he got it from, and he told me it was a giveaway at SXSW he had picked up.

So, I did the most logical thing and sent Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh (@zappos) a tweet inquiring about how someone might be able to get a Zappos shotglass. He wrote back shortly thereafter asking for my address; that he’d send me some. And so I did.

I wasn’t expecting anything free. I collect shot glasses and love Zappos, so the idea of adding a Zappos shotglass to my collection was very appealing. On 7/17, this package arrived at my doorstep:

A gift from Zappos

I was expecting something from Zappos, but not 9lbs of something.

Inside, there was more than just a shotglass:


I was amazed at everything that was in the box: a Zappos messenger bag, set of 4 shot glasses, a Zappos cellphone recharger, 3 Zappos culture books, and one of Tony’s personal planners(!) from earlier this year.

Goodies from Zappos

I sent Tony a note thanking him for everything and his response was “You’re welcome, be sure to put the shot glasses to good use! :)”

As a customer of Zappos, I’ve only ever had to call in to speak with a person once, but that experience made me a customer for life. This solidified the deal. There are stories all over the net where Zappos has gone out of its way to make their customers feel special.Tony, you’re awesome. Thank you.