Apple Makes the Switch

The grapevine was right this time: Apple will indeed be migrating to Intel chips after all. Steve Jobs made the announcement today at the WWDC in San Francisco, CA. What’s this mean for consumers? Better availability of Apple products. Apple has struggled with keeping up with demand for several years due to low supplies of… Continue reading Apple Makes the Switch

iTunes Giveaway

Surely by now you’ve heard of the new Itunes/Pepsi promotion going on. I just ran by the Bi-Lo on Fury’s Ferry and snagged two winners. Thank you for “Hey Ya!” and “Clocks”!! God I love those songs. Not sure where the songs are available? One place you might want to check out is: IPodGarage. They’ve… Continue reading iTunes Giveaway

the anticipation is too great

one of these days, i’m going to make it to new york to sit in on a live keynote address being delivered by steve jobs. i must! i must! here it is… just minutes before the latest stevenote, and i’ve got butterflies. what will be announced next? what will apple deliver that we’ve never seen… Continue reading the anticipation is too great

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