An Apple Retail Void

*sigh* So many Apple retail stores, and yet, the nearest stores to the Augusta, Georgia area are at least two hours away. Apple now has over 170 retail locations globally, and a majority of those are in the continental United States. Augusta (specifically Columbia County) or even Columbia, SC would make prime locations for an… Continue reading An Apple Retail Void

Cisco and Apple Settle

So, the Apple v. Cisco showdown has finally been resolved. Hallelujah. AppleInsider – Cisco and Apple settle iPhone trademark dispute Cisco and Apple said Wednesday that they have resolved their dispute involving the “iPhone” trademark. Why do I get the impression that this is far from over? Sure, they’ve declared a cease-fire… but what’s going… Continue reading Cisco and Apple Settle


I’ve had a few people mention to me that they were considering a Zune. I won’t lie: I’m an Apple fanboy and I have never understood why someone would want one until today. The Zune is to the iPod as the Mac is to a PC. Make sense? I’ll try to explain… For years, Macs… Continue reading Success


Nothing kills productivity like a Keynote. Seriously. Apple finally delivered an iPhone. Well, delivered is a bit of a stretch considering it won’t be until June 2007 before it will start hitting the shelves in Apple and Cingular stores. While I am really excited about the iPhone, and glad it’s finally here, I can’t help… Continue reading iNeedMore

MacWorld Live Updates

If you’re like me and can’t wait to get the play-by-play on what’s going down at the MacWorld Expo, here are some sites where you’ll be able to get updates (via Glenn Wolsey). I’ll be checking in on MacRumors and Engadget, and will try to copy over some of the updates here as they occur.… Continue reading MacWorld Live Updates

I love Apple

Is it any wonder people have such a deep sense of loyalty to this brand? They just gave me the second half of Season 10 of South Park, because I had bought the first half. I know a lot of people were originally ticked at the decision to split the 10th Season… but Apple made… Continue reading I love Apple

MacBook, Whoa.

So, let me get this straight, Apple… It’s $1299 for the top-end white MacBook, and it’s $1499 for the black MacBook, and the only differences being the enclosure color and 20Gb extra hard drive space? You’re not serious, right? Should we expect black to cost more in the future on all Mac products? Sure, one… Continue reading MacBook, Whoa.


If you’ve been on the fence – like a lot of people have been – about buying one of the new Intel Macs, Apple’s come through in a big way today, to make that decision a lot easier for you. Enter Apple Bootcamp, a new technology that will be present in OS X 10.5, but… Continue reading Bootcamp