Huge Failure

10 Oct 2011

The iPhone 4S Launch is a huge failure.

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Too Late?

11 Dec 2008

Augusta’s finally getting an “official” Apple Store, but is it too late? ifoApple Store reported yesterday: “All of Georgia’s Apple stores are clustered within a 27-mile circle north and east of Atlanta, but not for long. Apple will open a retail store at the Augusta Mall in that city, 125 miles east of Atlanta. The…

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Why I Still Won’t be Getting an iPhone

10 Jun 2008

PCWorld offered up 5 Reasons to Buy the iPhone 3G and I’m here to tell you why I won’t be buying into the hype. Before I go on, I should note that I own an 8GB iPod touch and use a Motorola E815 on the Alltel network. This article specifically addresses the points made in…

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WWDC ’08

09 Jun 2008

Plan on following the WWDC this week? Here are some sources for you to check out: MacRumorsLive Gizmodo Engadget* Mac Observer Macworld I’d also suggest following @wwdc2008 on Twitter and tracking on Summize.

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Amazon takes on Apple with DRM-Free Music

26 Mar 2008

Amazon takes on Apple with DRM-free music. I’ve used iTunes since it was first released in 2001. When music was first sold via iTunes, I bought into the idea right away and stopped buying CDs altogether. I didn’t care about DRM and I didn’t care about bit-rates. When they started selling TV shows, I didn’t…

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WTF Apple. srlsy?

15 Jan 2008

So… in order to get functionality that probably should have been included with the iPod touch to begin with… you’re going to charge me $20 for it. Are you out of your effing gourd, Apple? This is in bad form, especially considering this product is only around four months old, and today’s update was software…

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iPhone owners to get $100 credit

06 Sep 2007

Fact: Early adopters always pay too much for new technology. Yesterday’s announcement that the iPhone would be receiving a $200 price drop created a pretty strong backlash. Enough so that an Open Letter to iPhone Owners from Steve Jobs was posted to the Apple website today. Long story short, if you bought an iPhone anytime…

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Apple iTunes 7.3 Released

29 Jun 2007

Apple iTunes 7.3 Released. New features include: ability to activate iPhone service; syncing iPhones with your music, movies, tv shows, etc.; and wirelessly share photos from your computer(s) with an Apple TV.

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Why I won’t be getting an iPhone

29 Jun 2007

Sorry for the light posting as of late. I’ve been swamped at work, and trying to spend less time online at home. That, and I didn’t really have anything to post about… Anyway. My wife asked me last night why I didn’t want an iPhone. And as soon as I came in this morning, coworkers…

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Safari on Windows

12 Jun 2007

I think that it’s pretty safe to assume that by this point you’ve either used Safari on a Mac or you haven’t. I’ve used Safari for a number of years, but it has never become my browser of choice. Why? Quite simply: Firefox is more extensible and Camino is quicker on a Mac. The introduction…

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