Nothing kills productivity like a Keynote. Seriously.

Apple finally delivered an iPhone. Well, delivered is a bit of a stretch considering it won’t be until June 2007 before it will start hitting the shelves in Apple and Cingular stores. While I am really excited about the iPhone, and glad it’s finally here, I can’t help but think: “Where’s the rest of the announcements, Steve?” I know, I’m coming off as ungrateful. I mean, Steve invented the friggin iPod and just made the friggin iPhone. But really, is that it?

The Apple TV update was nice. I might have to buy one once it hits rev.2 and I get around to upgrading my home network to 802.11n. Apple will definitely have a place in my living room. I’ve already started to amass quite a collection of digital media that I’ve purchased off of iTunes, and it will be nice to be able to enjoy that content on my living room television.

The presentation on the iPhone was nice as well. It was very thorough. I mean, incredibly friggin’ thorough. Thorough to the point where it seemed like they had to stretch it out as long as possible in order to fill the two hour time slot alotted for the Keynote. I waited in anticipation for the “One More Thing…” The fact that the company formerly known as Apple Computer, Inc. is now Apple, Inc. wasn’t really much of a surprise. The fact that there were no additional announcements seemed more than a little odd to me.

People expected and, dare I say, demanded an Apple Phone. No amount of RDF would save Steve’s arse if he failed to deliver one. People expected an update on iTV, now known as Apple TV. Even with both of these great announcements, people still expected a lot more.