So the idea of a blogger code of conduct is being tossed around… My first thought after reading it was “You’re kidding me, right? This is the Internet and trolls aren’t going away anytime soon.” Greg Storey’s response to it is the best I’ve seen so far…

You’re on my site and these are my thoughts. I do not moderate comments, except in the event where someone has posted spam, obscene messages, hate speech, etc. that has somehow made it through Spam Karma, Bad Behavior and Akismet. If a comment is posted that I find objectionable, I will delete the comment and take steps to make sure you can’t comment here again. I’m not going to write something inflammatory about other bloggers, coworkers, clients, etc. on my site because it’s common sense not to do so. I am responsible for what I write online, and I know that.

I don’t think a Blogger’s Code of Conduct is a terrible and/or outlandish idea, but it’s completely unnecessary.

What do you think about the Blogger’s Code of Conduct? Is it necessary? Will you subscribe to its policies on your site?