RSS Fair Use?

If you publish an RSS feed, does it give others the right to repurpose your content as they see fit?

I have been noticing frequent trackbacks from a couple of sites when I’ve tagged articles with a keyword of “adsense”. On the surface, this isn’t a big deal. When I checked the sites out, however, I realized they were nothing more than Content Scraping Spam Blogs. I sent a note asking for one particular site to stop scraping my content and the guy had the audacity to send this to me:

“Dude, I am not scraping your content, I’m linking to your site with a small quote. Most people are happy to have free links to their site. If you don’t want anyone else to link to your site then why are you syndicating it with a feed?  See

Take down your feed or at least put a notice that no one else can use it.”

What are your thoughts on this? If I have a publicly available feed, does it give others the right to re-syndicate that content without the author’s permission?