Five more things you (probably) don’t know about me

I love memes…. Even though I’ve already done this one, I figured: “What could answering this one more time hurt?” Thanks for the tag, Senia.

  1. I used to wrestle in high school. I was in the Heavyweight division (215-275lbs). During my tenth grade year, I was wrestling a kid from Menchville High School in a tournament and broke his leg to win the gold medal. Said kid beat me in my first ever match months prior to our rematch. Beating him (in this way) was bittersweet.
  2. I broke my arm when I was four. I was jumping on some boxes … specifically one containing a box spring mattress, and fell on a stone with my elbow.
  3. I’m way into Heroes. Matter of fact, I started contributing posts to The 10th Wonder because I love the show so much. You should check that site out… I love it.
  4. I lived in Germany for eight years, and all I learned while I was there was how to say the curse words.
  5. I’m not really that great with words… I’m bad at communicating. (Imagine that!) But it’s something I’m trying desperately to work on.