Five things you (probably) don’t know about me

Another day, another meme. Thanks for the tag, Ben.

Five things you (probably) didn't know about me.

  • I was born on November 30, and share a birthday with notables such as Mark Twain, Vincent “Bo” Edward Jackson, and *gag* Clay Aiken.
  • I failed out of college in 1997. It’s not something I’m proud of. After a return in 2000-2001, I’m a sophomore. But I really should have graduated given all of the courses I’ve already taken. Maybe someday…
  • I have Adult Attention Deficit Disorder, or I don’t (if you believe Tom Cruise isn’t insane). I don’t use it as a crutch. It’s just part of who I am.
  • I taught myself HTML and CSS, Photoshop, et al. primarily through trial and error, and by analyzing other people’s code. I have no formal training as a designer, and sometimes this is a shortcoming of mine… but for the most part it has not hindered my career at all. It’s not what you’ve learned in school that’s important (though at times, it is important, but more about what you can do with whatever talent you might have.
  • I’ve worked as a weedeater operator, frozen food stocker, school portrait photographer, video store clerk, managing editor for a national magazine, a webmaster, a student assistant, an art director, a web architect… Some jobs I loved. Some I hated. (BTW, I worked at Blockbuster Video for a year and a half once upon a time just to get free rentals. I was that into movies at the time…)

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