Ho Ho Ho, Merry Freakin’ Christmas

Life teaches us countless lessons. In my twenty-two short years, I’ve made a lot of mistakes. But through each one, there was always one constant — my family has remained supportive of me. I suppose the lesson that I’ve learned and kept closest to my heart is that there is nothing more important than friends and family.

We, as a society, are consumers at heart. We purchase more then any other country in the world. We’ve turned all of our major holidays into consuming sessions. We buy and buy and buy all of these things we don’t need. Other countries look at us, and all they see is this huge, bloated, overconsuming nation of overweight slobs.

Is this the example we want to provide to everyone else? Are we to be the examples for the rest of the world? Imagine if everyone consumed as much as Americans. The world would have been barren years ago. Many of us don’t realize what it is we’re consuming. We’ve become the nation with the highest rates of obesity ever… We’re buying more and more on credit just to feed our appetites to own things… unnecessary things… Where the hell did we go wrong? Why do we need all of this meaningless crap? Does it make us happy? Does it make us feel more complete? Who the heck knows…

Let’s remember what the holidays are really supposed to be about, even from a non-religious perspective. It’s about sharing and caring and spending time with the special people in your life. Let’s try and change things and not whore this time of year anymore.