Happy Holidays

An experience I had today made me appreciate all the things in my life that much more. Several co-workers and I volunteered today at the Golden Harvest Food Bank here in Augusta, Georgia. I was sad to see that so many people needed a service like the food bank provides daily, but I was extremely proud to be able to help out such an amazing cause.

I was challenged this year to do three things this holiday season… give money, give blood, give time. What does all of that mean? Well, the first one is pretty self-explanatory … give money to a charity of your choice… if you can only give $20 bucks, give $21… give that little bit extra, even if it makes things tough for you, because it will make a difference to somebody. Even if you affect just one person, that is still one life you’ve made a difference in.

The most amazing, most significant thing a person could do is give blood… I gave and gave and gave until the FDA passed regulations that prevent people that have lived in Europe for longer than six months to donate any longer. Please, please, please give blood if you can.

I offer this same charge to you… Do something for somebody else. Do something that makes a difference in somebody’s life. Do it because you can.

Happy Holidays, Everybody! You CAN make a difference for somebody this holiday season.