In its short history, Tapbots has released two incredibly well-designed utilities for the iPhone: Weightbot & Convertbot. Last night they launched their third – and in my opinion, it’s the best bot yet.

Pastebot is the ultimate clipboard manager for the iPhone or iPod touch. I’ve been lucky enough to use this app for a few months. When I first started using it I described it as “an app I didn’t know I needed, but can’t imagine not having it“.

It’s beautifully designed. It’s incredibly easy to use: simply copy an image or text string within any iPhone app, then launch Pastebot and – bickety bam! – it’s stored to Pastebot’s clipboard. Once you’re in the app, you can easily toggle between multiple clips. If you’re a neat freak, you can easily setup a series of folders. If you use Tapbots to store images, you’ll be able to crop and apply color effects to stored images.

I could go on and show you lots of screenshots and walk you through all of the apps features, but I won’t. Instead, I encourage you to visit to learn more, or hop on over to iTunes and grab a copy. (It’s only $1.99 for now. The price will go up to $2.99 after the initial launch.) Oh, and did I mention it’ll sync to your Mac?

Want to win a copy of Pastebot?

In the comments below, tell me what you might use Pastebot for. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow – 12/16/09. Leave a comment before 12/16/09 at 9:00am EST to be included in the drawing.

10 replies on “Best Bot Yet”

  1. What would I use this bad boy for? I’ve been brainstorming a LOT with my business ideas, and it’s a pain in the next either highlighting text, opening up the mail app, emailing it to myself, then opening the email and having to organize it from there. Same with full screenshots. I’d like to be able to organize my ideas/thoughts on the fly. Some of my best ideas come when sitting down eating dinner or while I’m grocery shopping. This would make it a TON easier for me! Plus, you’ve made me into a complete Tapbots fanboy so this would/will end up with a full review as well on

  2. I’d use it to hold:

    • Frequently used answers for questions I receive through my website.
    • Store links for apps I want until “wish list” is implemented on iPhone
  3. Nice write-up Chris. How would I use PasteBot? One word: sync. The syncing between iPhone and Macs is so easy. Will make my life a little bit easier.

    I guess I can wait one more day before buying it :p

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