Best Bot Yet

15 Dec 2009

In its short history, Tapbots has released two incredibly well-designed utilities for the iPhone: Weightbot & Convertbot. Last night they launched their third – and in my opinion, it’s the best bot yet. Pastebot is the ultimate clipboard manager for the iPhone or iPod touch. I’ve been lucky enough to use this app for a…

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18 Aug 2008

11 Things We hate About iTunes. They stopped at 11? Granted, they hit most of the major areas where I dislike iTunes, but I would’ve gone much further…

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Amazon takes on Apple with DRM-Free Music

26 Mar 2008

Amazon takes on Apple with DRM-free music. I’ve used iTunes since it was first released in 2001. When music was first sold via iTunes, I bought into the idea right away and stopped buying CDs altogether. I didn’t care about DRM and I didn’t care about bit-rates. When they started selling TV shows, I didn’t…

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Sync Google Calendar with iPod

28 Feb 2007

If you use Outlook 2007, Google Calendar and iTunes and own an iPod – this tip might be helpful to the two of you. It’s not really anything new… but I didn’t think Outlook would share calendars that it’s subscribed to… Fortunately, it does. In Google Calendar go to Settings > Calendars. Choose a Calendar…

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