New CS3 Installation Support Number

04 Mar 2008

If you’re (still) having problems getting Adobe Creative Suite 3 installed, there’s hope. Adobe’s setup a toll-free number – 1-800-642-3623 – devoted to assisting customers with any installation issues they might have with CS3. You can also check out the Adobe Creative Suite 3 Support site for updated information.

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Adobe Releases CS3 Help Center

12 Sep 2007

Adobe just released a consolidated CS3 Help Center. If you’ve had any problems whatsoever with installing or using Creative Suite 3, the CS3 Help Center has information available that should help make your life a bit easier.

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The Adobe Creative Suite 3 Bookstore

11 Sep 2007

I just noticed that Amazon.com has setup an Adobe Creative Suite 3 bookstore. Aside from books and DVDs, it even has some Amazon-exclusive tutorial videos available. Definitely worth checking out.

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Accomplishing the Impossible

11 Sep 2007

I hadn’t really thought about it much – until tonight – but Adobe accomplished the impossible with Creative Suite 3: It represents the first true offspring of the marriage of Adobe and Macromedia. Definitive Macromedia apps like Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash were rolled into the Adobe fold and are now being served up alongside apps…

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Updated Information on Installing Adobe CS3

02 Aug 2007

If you are having problems installing Adobe Creative Suite 3 (CS3), you may want to check out the links below for additional information. This information came directly from Barry Hills (Sr. Director, Engineering and Program Mgmt, Creative Suites) via another thread here on my site. I am reposting it, and updating the other articles on…

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The Time to Act is Now

17 May 2007

My traffic has nearly tripled in the past two weeks. The cause? People are having LOTS of problems installing Creative Suite 3. Most of the traffic has come as a result of search engine queries. Of my top 20 search terms since April 27th, 12 have been related to CS3. Coincidence? I think not. cs3…

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Installing CS3 Web Premium

08 May 2007

UPDATE: This article may be out of date. Additional information on installing CS3 is now available (Thanks to Barry Hills at Adobe!). Please read through the article “Additional Information on Installing CS3” before attempting anything on this page. A brief disclaimer… The following process enabled me to install Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium after…

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CS3 Install Problems are Inexcusable

26 Apr 2007

UPDATE: Additional information on installing CS3 is now available (Thanks to Barry Hills at Adobe!). Please read through the article “Additional Information on Installing CS3” for help installing CS3 on your computer. I’ve added a post to the site with info on using Selective Startup Mode under Windows XP to get Creative Suite 3 Web…

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Upgrading to CS3

16 Apr 2007

Currently I’m using Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium. On a limited basis, I’ve been testing out the Photoshop CS3 Beta and figured I should give CS3 a test drive before upgrading the rest of the guys in my department. I was given the go-ahead to upgrade to CS3 if I wanted to a couple of…

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