Camera Raw 6.1 Released

02 Jun 2010

Camera Raw 6.1 released. Adds support for several cameras, including the Canon EOS Digital Rebel T2i.

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Disable Javascript in Acrobat

30 Apr 2009

From the Adobe Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) blog: “All currently supported shipping versions of Adobe Reader and Acrobat (Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9.1, 8.1.4, and 7.1.1 and earlier versions) are vulnerable to this issue. Adobe plans to provide updates for all supported versions for all platforms (Windows, Macintosh and Unix) to resolve this…

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Upgrade to CS4

23 Jan 2009

For a limited time, Adobe is offering a US$200 savings on upgrades to Adobe® Creative Suite® 4. Check out for details on this special offer. (And no, this is not an ad. ;) I really dig CS4 and hope you’ll consider upgrading to it.)

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15 Oct 2008

CS4 is out the door. I’m definitely going to upgrade. CS4 is jam-packed with new features and UI enhancements that will change the way you work.

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Thoughts on CS4

17 Sep 2008

I’ll be speaking on September 23 at 6:30pm about Adobe Creative Suite 4 at the Columbia County Library in Evans, GA as part of the next Refresh Augusta meetup [info]. The presentation will cover what’s new, what I’ve thought about the Suite so far, and more. (As part of the meetup, Refresh Augusta will be…

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04 Sep 2008

Are you ready for something brilliant? Yesterday Adobe announced that it will unveil the new Adobe® Creative Suite® 4 lineup in a special web event on 9.23.08. Register today to be among the first to learn about CS4. This is not something you’re going to want to miss. Trust me.

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26 Aug 2008

New versions of Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Premiere Elements are available.

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Why Adobe Updater?

13 May 2008

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the Adobe Updater for some time now. I realize that using CS3 won’t get any better without updates, but I hate how the Updater interrupts my workflow when it needs to run an install.

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28 Apr 2008

You thought GoLive was still alive? Wrong. It’s now official. Dreamweaver won.

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22 Apr 2008

Tour de Georgia Live Tracker, Powered by Adobe.

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