Why Adobe Updater?

This video cracked me up this morning. I feel that guy’s pain.

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the Adobe Updater for some time now. I realize that using CS3 won’t get any better without updates, but I hate how the Updater interrupts my workflow when it needs to run an install.

I shouldn’t have to close my browser(s) in order to install Adobe program updates, especially if said update is not Acrobat-related. I shouldn’t have to close down apps that aren’t applicable to the program that’s being updated. I shouldn’t have to wait ages and ages for updates to install themselves.

Of course, if it really bothered me enough, I’d simply disable the Adobe Updater altogether and check for updates when it was convenient for me, but then, I probably wouldn’t keep my software as current as I’d need/want it to be.

How could Adobe Updater work better?

  • You should be able to schedule when it checks for updates. “Every week” is too ambiguous. Usually, I’m in the middle of something when when Adobe Updater prompts me to upgrade. (Every Tuesday at 3am would be just dandy for me.)
  • You should have the option to choose whether Adobe Updater will automatically upgrade your software or await feedback from you. (Currently it downloads the updates and prompts you to install them OR you you have to explicitly tell it to download the updates when you’re ready for them. I want it to go ahead and install the updates too, if that’s my preference.)
  • You shouldn’t have to close down applications in order to install the updates. If I don’t close down the applications I have open, force a reboot in order for the installation to complete.
  • If updates don’t work or timeout, direct me to the Adobe website where I can manually grab the available updates.

What do you think? What do you like or dislike about the Adobe Updater? What do you think could be done to improve it?