Catching Up

Posting been light over the past couple of weeks because of work, the Webmaster Jam Session, and various other things. (*cough* Halo 3 *cough*) I’ll resume a more regular publishing schedule this week, and hopefully will find the time to post some new themes I promised to make available a while back. I’m working on integrating… Continue reading Catching Up

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Jammin’ in Dallas

I arrived at the hotel late last night. My trip took longer than expected, and once I got in Dallas, I got lost. (Go figure.) After driving up and down the one way streets, I accidentally found the hotel. So far, I’ve had breakfast with Jonathan Snook and Jason Beaird. Met Bryan Veloso. Watched Jared… Continue reading Jammin’ in Dallas

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Thoughts Before Leaving

I’m a few minutes shy of leaving on my 900+ mile trek to Dallas TX for the Webmaster Jam Session. I opted to drive the 12+ hours for a couple of reasons: 1) I’ve made the trip before and it wasn’t that bad. 2) I get to see more of the countryside. 3) I’m meeting Ben… Continue reading Thoughts Before Leaving

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Changes to RSS Feed

I’ve made a change to the RSS feed on my site that should reduce some of the noise you get from my site in your feed reader. Rather than bore you with Asides, Quotes of the Day and Thoughts of the Day, I’m now excluding them from my regular feed. If, for some reason you’d… Continue reading Changes to RSS Feed

Nike+: 3rd Week

Today marks the start of my fourth week of walking with Nike+. Here are some stats so far: Number of Workouts: 11 Total Time: 5.8 hours Total Calories: 5845 Total Distance: 15.35 mi Average Pace: 23’06″/mi Farthest Workout: 2.56 mi Fastest 1-Mile: 20’51″/mi I have not been tracking weight loss, though I should. (I’m hoping… Continue reading Nike+: 3rd Week

Making WordPress work for me

The wide variety of plugins available for WordPress is what sold me on the application. If WordPress doesn’t do something you’d expect it to do, there’s probably a plugin available to fill the void. On my site, I use several plugins to keep things running smoothly or to add functionality not present in a core-install… Continue reading Making WordPress work for me


This coming weekend I’ll be releasing my second WordPress theme: Nanideska. Nanideska is a two-column theme based on the design I previously had here at I was thinking I had a screen capture of it somewhere, but searches through my archives on flickr didn’t yield any results. The following capture/Photoshop image should give you… Continue reading Nanideska