The New ItemBrowser is Almost Here

ItemBrowser Version 3

The new ItemBrowser is launching soon. Without David, the site would be a crappy, manually updated mess. The stuff he’s done to automate the site is nothing short of phenomenal in my book. When I first set out to make the site, I wanted to push myself to learn PHP better. I did accomplish that early on, but I also realized that getting to where I want to be with PHP was going to take far longer than this little project required.

Some stuff you can expect in this release:

  • Geo-Location. Explore nearby spots. Find items nearby. Find specific spot types nearby.
  • Full-screen web app capable. (Aside from an annoying refresh-on-load issue, the site works swimmingly well full-screen.)
  • Large, beautiful artwork. We wanted the site to look gorgeous on retina displays.
  • Optimized for mobile first. The site will work well in modern desktop browser, but the experience is custom-tailored for iPhone use. Alternate (responsive) layouts will come after launch.

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(I don’t have exact launch date, but signs are pointing towards the end of next week…)

PS. If you sign up for notifications, some of you may get early access to the site. Just sayin’… ;)