CSS3 Patterns Gallery

15 Mar 2018

CSS3 Patterns Gallery — This small collection of CSS3 patterns is pretty neat. The code is simple enough to grok!

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Post-AWDGCSS Recap

06 Feb 2014

Thank you for having me tonight, AWDG! Here are all of the links referenced in my slides (and a few extras). If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Slides CSS Preprocessors LESS — Sass — Stylus — Compilers Codekit — — Koala —…

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03 Jan 2014

Up until a year ago, I was a long-time subscriber to a hosted time-tracking and invoicing app: Harvest. (Harvest is still *really* awesome, btw.) I also had a Basecamp account. When I freelanced full-time, it made sense to pay that bill every month. But when I, I couldn’t justify the monthly expense any longer. (Admittedly, paying $32/month for a couple…

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Big Picture UX

06 Sep 2013

On Wednesday, 4 September, Nick Finck visited and spoke to RefreshAugusta about Big Picture UX. Here’s some video from the event: View Slides →

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Updated CSS Preprocessing Resources

16 Aug 2013

I updated my list of CSS Preprocessing Resources to include several new compilers, frameworks and mixing libraries.

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Gabba-riffic Redux

15 Aug 2013

In 2009, I released a set of Yo Gabba Gabba iPhone wallpapers. I decided to revamp them slightly, and release some retina-sized images. Enjoy! Click a thumbnail to view the larger version: Grab all of the Gabba-riffic wallpapers here. Yo Gabba Gabba is copyright Wildbrain. No infringement intended.

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Preprocess all the things!

15 Aug 2013

On October 17th, I’ll be giving my first talk in quite some time, and I’ll be covering a topic that I once feared, but have quickly grown to love: CSS Preprocessors. Writing CSS isn’t inherently difficult, but it could be much more efficient to author. In this talk, I’ll introduce you to the wonderful world…

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User Research Workshop

14 Aug 2013

Next weekend, MailChimp’s Jenn Downs will be conducting a half-day user research workshop at I’m really excited to have Jenn back in Augusta so soon after Web Afternoon Augusta. In this workshop you’ll learn how to design moderated and unmoderated usability tests and user interviews, recruit test participants, interview customers (by asking all the…

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05 Aug 2013

Download Pattern Files | Add to Chrome

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Ornate Rug

01 Aug 2013

Download Pattern Files Add to Chrome

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