Dwelling on the past

Dwelling on the past distracts you from the present. 2011 was a good year for me, but I struggled personally and professionally with a number of things. Rather than rehash it all, I’ve realized that I need to learn from those experiences, try my damnedest not to repeat the mistakes that were made and head full steam into 2012.

To help me, I’ve set some attainable, professional goals.

  • Tweet less.
  • Blog more. Expect at least one blog post a week.
  • Create more. Expect at least one post to dribbble a week.
  • Build something I’m proud of.
  • Spend an hour a day learning/improving my skills.
  • Set realistic deadlines and expectations before starting any project.
Personally, here’s what I’d like to improve upon:
  • Get more physically active. Since March 2011 I’ve lost 150lbs, but I’ve done so with little to no exercise. I need to get out and do more if I hope to lose any more weight.
  • Make relationships stronger. I’ve sacrificed quite a bit by working too much. I’ve got to find a better live/work balance.

What are you going to do to make 2012 better than 2011?