Matchbox Twenty at Philips Arena 1/28/08

Matchbox Twenty – LIVE – “Disease” – Philips Arena 1.28.08 from Chris Harrison on Vimeo.

IMG_3392 IMG_3390 IMG_3388 IMG_3377 IMG_3342 IMG_3332

View more of the photos I took on Flickr. I took around 800 shots total, but scrubbed a lot of the pics that were screwed up one way or another. Some of the best shots can be seen in the Flickr slideshow.

For my first concert, this was definitely the way to go. Matchbox Twenty, Mute Math and Alanis Morissette rocked the Philips Arena. Our seats were phenomenal. Section 117 Row B was located just to the side of stage left. We could see everything, and being slight above the floor crowd enabled me to get some pretty sweet shots.