Wasted Time

13 Jan 2014

Not all time wasted is wasted time. (Or, at least that’s what I keep telling myself.) I have to remind myself often that time spent learning instead of earning could yield greater benefits down the road. But it’s hard to justify spending the time on playing when you’re trying to meet a deadline or behind schedule on something. That’s…

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Top 10 Movies (meme)

28 May 2008

I usually ignore meme’s unless I think they’d make for good content. I thank Jesse J. Anderson for tagging me. With every meme comes a set of rules: List your top ten favorite films (in no particular order). If you are tagged, you have to post and tag 3-5 people. Link back to the one…

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Matchbox Twenty at Philips Arena 1/28/08

29 Jan 2008

Matchbox Twenty – LIVE – “Disease” – Philips Arena 1.28.08 from Chris Harrison on Vimeo. View more of the photos I took on Flickr. I took around 800 shots total, but scrubbed a lot of the pics that were screwed up one way or another. Some of the best shots can be seen in the…

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where has this year gone?

08 Jul 2001

it’s already july 8th. it’s hard to believe the year is over half over already. this year has really flown by. it’s a sunday afternoon. i woke up around 10:30 or so and played diablo 2 for about three hours. it was pretty cool. beat the first act with my paladin named gideon blade. i…

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a brand new day

05 Jul 2001

whoa… what’s up with the new space background? i felt like something a little different for today, plus… i was checking out the website for final fantasy: the spirits within, and the movie is blowing my mind and i haven’t seen it yet. i can’t wait until july 11th when it comes out. if you’re…

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scary movie 2

04 Jul 2001

i saw the first scary movie with my girlfriend, my mother, my two younger brothers and my dad a few months ago… around the time when kim and i first started dating actually… i couldn’t believe how off the wall the humor was, and just how focking funny the movie could be with it’s parodies…

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