What the heck is going on, you ask? Say hello to Tersus.

Bare bones? You got it. Tersus is an achingly simple WordPress theme without all the usual cruft. Please pardon the mess. This child theme is still under development.



Making WordPress work for me

WordpressThe wide variety of plugins available for WordPress is what sold me on the application. If WordPress doesn’t do something you’d expect it to do, there’s probably a plugin available to fill the void. On my site, I use several plugins to keep things running smoothly or to add functionality not present in a core-install of WordPress.

(I’m hoping that all of the links below work. If you happen to come across one that doesn’t resolve, please let me know!)

Other plugins that I have used in the past (or an ad hoc basis) include:

If you’re looking to add additional functionality to your WordPress site, definitely check out the WordPress Plugin Directory. The plugins I use only scratch the surface of what’s currently available. Because of the extensibility of WordPress, developers are creating new ways to use this powerful blogging platform in different and creative ways.

But enough about my plugins. What sort of plugins are you using on your site?

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