14 Jun 2008

Derek Powazek’s article “It’s 2008. I can’t believe we haven’t figured this out.” spoke loudly to me. I’m tired of content scrapers. I’ve had articles stolen, simply because they covered popular subjects I’m still offering full text in my feed, but for Derek, that’s no longer an option. The problem with splogs and spam in…

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NewsGator Frees RSS Readers

10 Jan 2008

For a couple of years, I’ve happily used NewsGator FeedDemon as my RSS reader. I use it to read through a hundred or so feeds that I am subscribed to. (The integration of NewsGator Online with the desktop application is one of my favorite features.) I’ve used Bloglines, Google Reader, and several other web-based RSS…

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Changes to RSS Feed

12 Sep 2007

I’ve made a change to the RSS feed on my site that should reduce some of the noise you get from my site in your feed reader. Rather than bore you with Asides, Quotes of the Day and Thoughts of the Day, I’m now excluding them from my regular feed. If, for some reason you’d…

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RSS Fair Use?

11 Apr 2007

If you publish an RSS feed, does it give others the right to repurpose your content as they see fit? I have been noticing frequent trackbacks from a couple of sites when I’ve tagged articles with a keyword of “adsense”. On the surface, this isn’t a big deal. When I checked the sites out, however,…

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Google Reader Revisited

10 Oct 2005

Google has released some pretty impressive products in the past couple of years: Gmail, Google News, Google Desktop, Google Earth, etc. Sadly, Google Reader doesn’t fall into that category. I know it’s still in the Labs… but Google Reader is a big disappointment. Adding feeds to your subscriptions is a bit of a hassle (unless…

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Say hello to my little friend: Google Reader

07 Oct 2005

Google just launched Google Reader, an RSS aggregator. I’ve been using Bloglines for a while… but I think I may be making a switch in the near future.

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