Quick Update

My internet and phone service has been down at home since Friday afternoon. BellSouth has been soooooo very helpful. (Yeah, right.) I called on Friday night, and they told me the issue should be resolved by Monday. I’m not the only one who’s been affected either. At least one of my neighbors was without phone and internet service as of yesterday evening, and who knows how many others have been out of service so far.Hopefully the issue will be fixed when I get home today.

  • 09.18.06 @ 2128 – UPDATE: No dialtone still. But guess what does work all of a sudden? My DSL connection.
  • 09.20.06 @ 0710 – UPDATE: Still no home phone service. This is getting ridiculous. Worst part about it? My internet works. I spoke with my neighbor and their service has worked since Saturday. I think I’ve been more than patient with BellSouth up until this point… I am not happy.
  • 09.21.06 @ 1245 – UPDATE: Phone service finally was restored yesterday. Ridiculous.