Better Living by Giving

Better Living by GivingLet’s face it, most greeting cards aren’t that great. Better Living by Giving aims to change that, with a twist. They’re looking to make a difference:

We started this company with passions for great design, art and music, nested with a need to make a little difference in this big world. We looked inside to see what made us happy. It was actually very simple. Helping make others happy made us happy. And so this became our mission.

Designing cards and getting to work with talented creatives are just icing. The best part is knowing someone will help someone else feel better. That’s the beauty of giving cards.

What an awesome concept! It’s hard to believe that something like this came out of Augusta. But then, the two people behind it – Linda and Brent – are stars in the Augusta design community. While I was with The Alison Group, I worked under Linda’s supervision – and she is one of the most talented designers I’ve ever met.
So, if you feel like helping out a great cause, and would love to get some very well-designed greeting cards in the process, check out their site: