Measure Map, Revisited

Measure MapI’ve been using Measure Map since November 11th. Since that time, I’ve found it to be extremely efficient at tracking stats within my blog. I’m also evaluating Google Analytics for a higher view at how my entire site is doing, stat-wise… but it is very unreliable… and seems to update only when it’s good and ready to.

The only problem I have experienced so far with Measure Map is its ability to track comments on my site. But I think that is a result of how Blogger is setup. So I can’t really fault it for that.


I love the use of flash in the interface. It is quick, and definitely aids in the use of the application. It’s easy to increase date ranges using the flash sliders. Data gets pulled into graphics and is populated into flash graphics. Very slick, indeed.

Ease of Use

Measure Map couldn’t be easier to use. It present information in an easy to use format that even entry-level users could understand. It doesn’t present meaningless data – only what is important and most relevant. You can’t beat this sort of reporting. Simplicity rules here.

I can’t wait to see what else is in store for Measure Map. I’ve really enjoyed it these past two weeks and look forward to continuing to use it!