Writeboard is here.

Writeboard by 37Signals

Looks like the guesses were right: Writeboard is here. As usual, 37Signals has created something useful AND easy to use. This new online application offering allows for online collaboration with text documents. The interface is really clean, simple and well thought out.

I setup my first Writeboard in about 5 seconds. I started writing text to my Writeboard in under a minute. Now, if I wanted I could invite others to collaborate on my document, export the text to a text file, or send it to myself via email.

Probably one of the coolest features of Writeboard is the ability to have version control on documents. This is has been heavily requested as a feature for Basecamp, and I hope they are able to incorporate it there because it would be very useful. Best thing about Writeboard? It’s free!

Update 7:39am: It looks like they’ve added Writeboards to Backpack as well. I finally took some time to read the Writeboard homepage to find out more about the app.

Update 10:00am: The official Writeboard product announcement can be found here: http://37signals.com/svn/archives2/writeboard_is_live.php

Nice job, again, 37Signals.