How Google Killed Urchin

Give it up for the guys over at TextDrive: They’ve declared war on Google and Urchin.

In case you haven’t heard, TextDrive’s been having problems renewing a license they had for using Urchin’s stat software. It seems Urchin just doesn’t want their money. Well, this slight of hand has prompted TextDrive to take action: they’re going to build a better stats package.

I’ve been following a thread over here at the TextDrive forum about Urchin refusing to let TextDrive pay them money to renew/upgrade their datacenter license. There are currently around 5000 domains hosted on TextDrive.

Since about mid-August or so, the fine staff have called, e-mailed, and otherwise tried to hunt down someone at Urchin that could help them pay the company money.

Since the Google acquisition, it seems that Urchin has moved datacenters and is “re-evaluating” their pricing model. Looks like they’re pushing hard for a subscription-based, Hosted model.

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Some have called it a case of David vs. Goliath, I’m calling it plain common sense. If a company can’t deliver what you need, make something better! I can’t wait to see what TextDrive comes up with. Kick some butt, guys.