Stumbled upon some archived thoughts.

I was sitting here checking my email, when I realized what day it was. I decided I would try and find an old article I had writted right after 9/11 happened that appeared in the local newspaper, but I couldn’t find it. What I did find was rather interesting though (at least to me, anyways). I found dozens of blog posts I had on an old version of neatly tucked away on my external hard drive. Instead of sleeping (like any normal person would have done by now), I’ve posted those entries onto the site. You can read them by checking out the Archives. One interesting thing to note is, I didn’t blog for a couple of years… For a time, I kept my site online just as a way for me to showcase work. That explains the 3 year gap that appears in the archives. (For some reason, I felt compelled to explain the gap.)