Gas Prices: Don’t Panic

Many people are calling about gas supplies. We put the rumors to rest.

WJBF NewsCHANNEL 6 · Wednesday, August 31, 2005

First things first: Don’t worry about your local gas station. It’s not closing and the supplies are not nearly as low as people believe.

A report out of Atlanta has sparked major worries among drivers who believe their tanks won’t be able to be filled in the coming days. Supplies do vary from day to day, and the hurricane has caused an interruption in getting fuel to distributors. However, the only way a shortage of gas would occur is if people overrun their local pumping station in a panic.

As for the high prices, they are a direct result of that demand the challenge of getting fuel to its destinations.

Americans ARE encouraged to limit driving and conserve energy but that’s so current supplies aren’t taxed.

Problem is, people ARE panicking. Which is stupid. The very fact that people are lining up in droves at local gas stations is evidence that there WILL be shortages. And it’s not going to be due to short supply – it’s going to be due to OVER-DEMAND. Why can’t Americans be sensible about anything? We’ve just now created a much worse situation for ourselves.