i ate crickets

my aunt carole would be proud of me right now. just a few minutes ago i ate crickets. chocolate covered crickets. and guess what, they weren’t bad either. some old lady at the ice cream parlor even took my picture because she was so astonished i ate crickets. cool huh? i’ve never been the adventurous type… but i wanted to try crickets on my ice cream ) it was yummy. (got free ice cream out of the deal too.) saw matt’s hockey game tonight. i love listening to the dumbasses in the stands. it’s amazing how clueless some people are. they root for their son/grandson/etc. when he hits other players and bitch when it happens in return. some people just have no common sense whatsoever. and to think… they actually believed hockey was a non-violent sport. yeah. and i got some oceanfront property to sell ya in north dakota. anyways, matt’s team won 3-2. i was happy to see his team win. the team they played got on my nerves. a lot. it was like the ghetto kids playin ball with some nba stars. these little guys had matching uniforms, (they were called the Junior Augusta Lynx btw) matching gear, etc… while every other team has to fend for themselves. anyways. oh yeah, i saw an old guy get rocked in the head with a puck. would suck to be him. heard he needed stitches. matt scored 4 goals in the game and had 11 minutes of penalties under his belt. not bad for a 45 minute game huh? well, it’s bedtime. catch ya later.