late update

wow… it’s just a few moments past 7pm and i’m just now updating my site. what the hell is wrong with me? ) could it be that i was busier then hell today? nah… course not! actually though, i was pretty busy. had a meeting at first baptist church regarding their website. the meeting went pretty well. i was amazed by the interior of the office component of the church… and the seminary was breathtaking. the meeting ran long… nearly two hours… i was hoping the day would fly after we got back to the office. but time came to damn near a stop-still after that point. the day dragged ass like a no-legged leper. s’ok though. i’m home now. experimented in the kitchen a little bit. (i made some weird cider lime chicken… was kinda good… tasted somewhat bitter though… can definitely improve on the taste of the dish.) my bro was even brave enough to eat what i made. he didn’t have any major complaints other then it needed more flavor. maybe next time i’ll make it better. i didn’t know what the fock i was doing this time anyways ) hehe… experimentation is dangerous!