the virginia wedding

my best friend heather is getting married next weekend. it’s crazy to think about actually. to think that someone i went to school with is getting hitched. were still young. it doesn’t seem like school was all that long ago… but it has been. sure, for me i’ve only been out of high school for five years, but when you take into account that i am only 22, that’s a quarter of my life gone by so far… it’s hella crazy. well, next sunday, heather is getting married to her long-time boyfriend donald and i couldn’t be happier for the two of them ) kim, my girlfriend is going to the wedding with me — and it’s my hopes that i’ll be able to introduce her to a lot of my friends and whatnot that she wouldn’t otherwise meet. i would also like to show her my old high school, my old house, etc… i’ve got a lot of history in newport news. part of me still considers that area home. even though i’ve lived in augusta four years now, i don’t know if it’s grown on me completely yet. it will be nice to go back to such a familiar place.

i leave for virginia next friday morning. i’ll be gone all weekend long. no work. a weekend of relaxing… chilling with friends… ah, it will be a much needed vacation.