A Tragic Loss: Dale Earnhardt

I’ve never been a big NASCAR fan. I think, before yesterday, I had only watched maybe two, three hours tops of racing. I’ve even, on occasion, made fun of NASCAR. Having noted this, even I, a non-fan, knew of Earnhardt, and knew of his immense popularity with NASCAR fans. I watched the Daytona 500 yesterday in disbelief as I watched him careen into the wall after getting bumped.

I know most people probably watch NASCAR in the hopes there will be some sort of exciting crash — but this is definitely one of those things that no one could ever have hoped to happen. The world of NASCAR is definitely at a loss with the untimely demise of one their most popular drivers. I’m sorry to see him go. I’m sorry for his family and their tragic loss. I’m sorry for the fans who held Dale so near and dear to their hearts. NASCAR lost a great hero yesterday. He died doing what he loved most, and he will be greatly missed. (Even by non-fans like me.)