15 Days Down

It’s been 15 days since I started my “hiatus” from Facebook and Twitter. It hasn’t gone quite as I had hoped. I still find myself reading Twitter from time to time and I’ve played some games on Facebook, but overall my usage of both sites is significantly down. I feel like I’m missing out on lots by not keeping up with either site, but I still feel like this is something I need to continue on with.

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    1. I suppose it’s to try and get myself less addicted to both. I’m addicted to information and being connected. Not spending as much time at either site has freed up time for me to work on posts here (and elsewhere), concentrate on personal projects more, and do more around my house.

      1. There are all kinds of addictions in life. It’s up to us to determine which are healthy, and which are unhealthy.

        I’ve discovered (through my own various hiatuses) that being more social improves my general well-being on an emotional level, because it gives me a sense of connection that I lack locally. I also find that people I network with are generally more supportive of what I do, which boosts my confidence.

        Of course, you’re not me – but I do want to offer that as food for thought.

        1. You know, I agree with you Anton, but I ALSO agree with Chris. This is what I’ve found after doing my 30 days gone. I don’t check everything NEARLY as much as I used to. And I’m okay with that. While I still have the people that I generally interact with, it’s helped me realize that it’s not always something I have to check. I don’t have to have twitter up on my phone while I’m out grocery shopping. I don’t have to tweet an OH every “witty” thing I hear. And with Facebook, I have focused way more on business than the personal side, but communicate with those that I find I have more in common with. It’s definitely changed me for sure, and helped me keep the “need” at bay. Jeez I sound like an emo sparkly vampire…

  1. In my case, I get a similar benefit to Anton. Locally, there aren’t a lot of people I know who are in the same industry so I rely on the likes of Twitter for that connection.

    I definitely feel less motivated and appreciated (work wise) when I’m offline for a few days.

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