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  • 15 Days Down

    It’s been 15 days since I started my “hiatus” from Facebook and Twitter. It hasn’t gone quite as I had hoped. I still find myself reading Twitter from time to time and I’ve played some games on Facebook, but overall my usage of both sites is significantly down. I feel like I’m missing out on…

  • Broken

    Dear Twitter: Twitter Trends are broken. Yes, they can give invaluable insight on the pulse of Twitter as a whole, but they’ve long been irrelevant to me and I don’t feel like I’m alone.. The system is easily gamed. Random hashtags like #SheProbablyAHoe spread like syphillis but why? I know what you’re thinking: just ignore…

  • Featured on Twitter Backgrounds Gallery

    My Twitter profile was recently featured on TBG. Would you mind voting for me? :)

  • BaconTwits

    So, a couple of weeks ago Phil and I were joking around about bacon. (It’s a pretty common occurrence these days.) We came up with the idea of  raising money for a .bacon TLD (e.g. iaccidentallythewhole.bacon). Out of nowhere he suggests: twitterbacon.com. I thought it was brilliant. I got the domain. I started working on…

  • The new Twitter Transparency

    One of my biggest complaints with Twitter is that users were left in the dark when the site was having problems. That’s changed. Twitter’s more transparent than ever. Recently Techcrunch asked Twitter several questions regarding their infrastructure, policies and more (Hey Twitter I Have A Few Questions Too). Twitter answered back with “It’s not rocket…

  • Getting Local with Twitter

    Recently I started an experiment on Twitter. I know that I’m not the only web/design geek in the area, so I decided to use Twitter to get to know some folks in the area. Using Twitter’s people search, I looked for people in and around Augusta, GA. The result? I’m not alone, and while Twitter…

  • I knew it!

  • QOTD

    Quote of the Day: “Twitter is like millions of deaf people yodeling into the same canyon.” – Jeffrey Zeldman (via)

  • Adobe AIR and HTML

    Adobe AIR and HTML. Snook shares some of his experiences working with Adobe AIR in building his Twitter client, Snitter.

  • Snitter

    Get Snitter. Use Twitter, but looking for a viable desktop app on the PC? Look no further than the Snitter AIR. Nicely done, Snook.