Happy Halloween

It’s my job to hand out candy tonight, while Kim brings Tyler over to see her family. I volunteered to be on candy duty. So, here I am sitting on my front porch, laptop in hand, seasonal music playing… and I’m waiting. We’ve had a few children come by, but not many at all. I… Continue reading Happy Halloween

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WordPress 2.0.5 Ronan Released

The newest release of WordPress was released a little while ago. Being the upgrade junkie that I am, I went ahead and applied the latest updates. So far, so good. You can read more on the release here: WordPress Development Blog: WordPress 2.0.5 Ronan I have not experienced any conflicts with any of the plugins… Continue reading WordPress 2.0.5 Ronan Released

Internet Explorer 7

I bit the bullet and loaded IE7 on my laptop this morning. I figure that I have avoided it long enough. I’m not certain that I will load it on my production machine here at the office… but I have a feeling that I will be making that change sooner rather than later. If you’re… Continue reading Internet Explorer 7


I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago (or has it been longer?), but I’ve been tinkering with some new design directions for a while now. I’ve put some basic changes in places for now… but more will be on the way. One of the areas where I’ve been trying to pay close attention to… Continue reading Tinkering

Google ♥s YouTube

Ah, there’s nothing quite like waking up to news that two of your favorite websites are getting hitched. Google confirmed that it is buying YouTube for $1.65 Billion in stock yesterday. In other news, Google Video feels embarassed and alone. How could Google do this to her? She thought what Google and Google Video had… Continue reading Google ♥s YouTube

Add IAB Ad Sizes to Photoshop CS2 Defaults

I’ve been working on banner ads for a client for several weeks now and found the following modification to Photoshop CS2 to be a HUGE timesaver. You can use this tip to create any sort of page size defaults, if you wish!Obviously, this tip is for the Windows version of Photoshop… Go to: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe… Continue reading Add IAB Ad Sizes to Photoshop CS2 Defaults

Pink for October

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In honor of that, I’ve gone Pink for October. Breast cancer is a cancer of breast tissue. Worldwide, it is the most common form of cancer in females, affecting approximately one out of nine to thirteen women who reach age ninety at some stage of their life in the… Continue reading Pink for October

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