I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago (or has it been longer?), but I’ve been tinkering with some new design directions for a while now. I’ve put some basic changes in places for now… but more will be on the way.

One of the areas where I’ve been trying to pay close attention to is the custom options available to templates in WordPress. There are lots of customization possibilities available… and I have started to explore alternate formats for Single Entries, Pages, and more.

It’s been several months since I migrated the site to WordPress from Blogger, and I haven’t looked back. As a matter of fact, I’ve started recommending the software to clients… One installation we recently launched is a new site for First Baptist Church of Augusta. It’s an evolving project, which is why I hadn’t formally announced its launch until now… but the site has been live for over a month now. WordPress’ flexibility and extensibility make it an ideal platform for blogging or as a CMS…

Anyway… that’s all for now. Move along now, there’s nothing to see here. ;)