Google ♥s YouTube

Ah, there’s nothing quite like waking up to news that two of your favorite websites are getting hitched. Google confirmed that it is buying YouTube for $1.65 Billion in stock yesterday.

In other news, Google Video feels embarassed and alone. How could Google do this to her? She thought what Google and Google Video had together was special.

But seriously… why would Google want to buy YouTube? Sure, YouTube has a large audience. Sure, YouTube has lots of content (much of it breaking copyright laws). Sure, YouTube has…. wait, that’s all they have. Hmm… Is YouTube making money yet? No? But, admittedly, there is some potential there…

But this deal seems odd to me. News circulated a few months about a possible Google-MySpace acquisition, but Google opted out because of the advertising possibilities to be had on I’m wondering why they didn’t act the same way with YouTube?