Sai the Violinist

Emilie Veillette Collection

Wyndham NOLA


Shop Penn

Montana Territorial Land Co.

Annunciation Restaurant

Banner Ads These were designed for Annunciation Restaurant while I worked for Morris Digital / September 2019. 300 x 600 Ads 160 x 600 Ads 728 x 90 Ads 300 x 250 Ads 320 x 50 Ads

Louisiana State Parks

Banner Advertising This collection of banner ads were designed for Louisiana State Parks while I worked for Morris Digital / September 2019. 300 x 600 Ads 160 x 600 Ads 728 x 90 Ads 300 x 250 Ads 320 x 50 Ads 300 x 50 Ads

Stallion Register Directory

Project Notes This website is the web companion to print products published annually by Quarter Horse News and Barrel Horse News. In 2018, I was tasked with re-developing the site after we decided to move it away from a third-party vendor using a managed version of WordPress and a custom set of plugins. The initial buildout in 2016 […]

Training Barrel Horses

Morris Media Network

R Magazine

R Magazine was a specialty publication Morris Visitor Publications produced quarterly for Royal Hawaiian Center in Waikiki. I reworked the site in Q3 2019. It was built using WordPress and Beaver Builder, but articles weren’t properly organized. I re-architected the complete site to use IssueM and integrated PolyLang to support articles in English, Japanese, and native Hawaiian. Articles […]

Streaming Apps/Channels

In 2018, Morris Digital started producing custom video content via a web series called Stories, Secrets & Sagas. I was tasked with learning how to get this content onto its own Roku channel. (The hope was if we could do this for our own content, we could assist clients with it as well.) I then […]

Maggie Daley Park — eTicketing

In 2018, I was tasked with implementing a ticketing solution for a Where Magazine advertiser. Based on their requirements, I came up with a WooCommerce & FooEvents-powered ticketing solution for the rock-climbing attraction at this Chicago-based park. The solution enabled customers to purchase tickets for specific timeslots while the attraction was open. I had to […]

Where — ISSUU Enhancement

I helped enhance over two dozen monthly, quarterly, and annual publications for display on Our team was tasked with enhancing all ads and URL instances within each publication. I had to track the availability/status of each publication and then enhance them prior to their publication date and worked with two other designers to process […]