Hot Circles

26 Jul 2013

Flat Version Textured Version Click the image above to grab the full-size image. Download the pattern (.pat, .psd, .ai) here: http://hrrsn.me/QVNe Add to Chrome

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25 Jul 2013

Download the pattern (.pat, .psd, and .ai) here: http://hrrsn.me/QSFL Add to Chrome

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Honeycomb Aqua

24 Jul 2013

Pattern, PSD and AI file with honeycomb pattern used in this wallpaper available here: http://hrrsn.me/QQht Add to Chrome

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05 Nov 2008

Download: 1920 × 1280 | 1680 × 1050 | PSD | View on Flickr | iPhone | iPhone PSD Win by Chris Harrison is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. Take it. Remix it. Share it.

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