Add IAB Ad Sizes to Photoshop CS3 Defaults

Go to: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Required Open: Default New Doc Sizes.txt Add the following somewhere in the file:You can also do this in CS3. A few IAB ad sizes are actually included by default: ; Interactive Marketing Unit (IMU) ad formats, defined by the ; Interactive Advertising Bureau, <> “Medium Rectangle, 300 x 250” 300 […]

Installing CS3 Web Premium

UPDATE: This article may be out of date. Additional information on installing CS3 is now available (Thanks to Barry Hills at Adobe!). Please read through the article “Additional Information on Installing CS3” before attempting anything on this page. A brief disclaimer… The following process enabled me to install Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium after […]


It’s 12:30am, and I’m giving up on trying to install CS3 for the night. I’m tired and frustrated. Updating software shouldn’t be this difficult, nor should it take as long as it does. Just installing the smallest app, Contribute CS3, takes over an hour because of all of the “Components” that need to be installed. […]