28 Mar 2007

If I didn’t have to have Microsoft Outlook 2007 installed on my system for testing purposes, I would uninstall it and burn the disks and packaging the installer came on. I’m not kidding. Outlook 2007 is one of the worst “upgrades” I have ever used. I’ve come close to uninstalling it several times now. I…

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Have I mentioned I hate Outlook 2007?

12 Mar 2007

Have I mentioned how much I hate Outlook 2007 lately? Daylight Savings Time: I knew that there would be issues with the Daylight Savings Times this year… but figured my calendar would be safe since I use Google Calendar to manage my appointments and whatnot. WRONG. Outlook 2007 has decided to be really, REALLY helpful…

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A Second Look at Outlook 2007

20 Feb 2007

I wrote an “Open Letter to Microsoft” over a month ago. It was a short diatribe on Microsoft’s decision to use Word’s rendering engine for Outlook 2007 instead of Internet Explorer. Well, I had assumed that it would be quite some time before I had to worry about testing designs in Outlook 2007, but that…

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The Truth Behind the Outlook 2007 Change and What You Can do to Change it.

21 Jan 2007

Yes, Microsoft Outlook 2007 is going to use Word as it’s rendering engine… but hope is not completely lost. Microsoft is prepared to listen. This article is a follow-up to a post last week on this very topic… read more | digg story In response to the post on the CampaignMonitor Blog, I had this…

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Pandora’s Box

15 Jan 2007

In the beginning there was Text, and it was good. I’m still in awe about how much residual traffic I’ve gotten as a result of the conversation going on about how Microsoft Breaks HTML Email Rendering in Outlook 2007. The story, in various forms, has appeared on a number of sites. If you were to…

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