WTF Apple. srlsy?

15 Jan 2008

So… in order to get functionality that probably should have been included with the iPod touch to begin with… you’re going to charge me $20 for it. Are you out of your effing gourd, Apple? This is in bad form, especially considering this product is only around four months old, and today’s update was software…

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Sync Google Calendar with iPod

28 Feb 2007

If you use Outlook 2007, Google Calendar and iTunes and own an iPod – this tip might be helpful to the two of you. It’s not really anything new… but I didn’t think Outlook would share calendars that it’s subscribed to… Fortunately, it does. In Google Calendar go to Settings > Calendars. Choose a Calendar…

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Color Shuffles

30 Jan 2007

Wow. Apple released the iPod shuffle in multiple colors today. I still love my little silver shuffle, though, I can’t lie… these colors are mesmerizing. Add to that, the fact you get the new headphones with these… Man… I love the color switcher they built into the site to play off the different colors. Will…

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16 Jan 2007

I’ve had a few people mention to me that they were considering a Zune. I won’t lie: I’m an Apple fanboy and I have never understood why someone would want one until today. The Zune is to the iPod as the Mac is to a PC. Make sense? I’ll try to explain… For years, Macs…

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Brief Observations on the Oct. 12 Apple Event

13 Oct 2005

John Gruber had a lot of interesting stuff to note aboot yesterday’s Apple Special Event: The new iPods do not support FireWire. Not just no FireWire cables in the box; no FireWire, period. Such is the price of smaller and thinner, I suppose. Highest capacity iPod is still 60 GB. There certainly exists a market…

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