RIP: Netscape.com

07 Sep 2007

Rest in Peace, Netscape.com. You tried damn hard to be just like Digg, and failed miserably. (via TechCrunch) The fact that they changed Netscape from a news/entertainment portal (which it did fairly well as) and changed it to a social news aggregator still boggles the mind. Fairly soon the site will redirect to http://netscape.aol.com/.

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Can you digg it?

02 Feb 2007

Well, a few bad apples have ruined it for the rest. Intent on gaming the system, some “diggers” have forced the digg.com staff to remove features from the site in order to maintain some semblance of control on the site. You can read more about the changes here: “A couple changes…” Digg.com, in a perfect…

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